quarta-feira, 23 de maio de 2007

It is imperative that we quickly find some way for the entire level of world human understanding to rise to a new human scale. The scale is the world? The risks are the life or death of this world. The technological explosion of this
last half-century, and the implied future are overwhelming, man is running the machines of his own invention... while the machine that is man... runs the risk of running wild. Technological research, development, and involvement of the
world community has almost completely out-distanced the emotional-sociological (socio-"logical") comprehension of this technology? The "technique-power" and "culture-over-reach" that is just beginning to explode in many parts of the earth, is happening so quickly that it has put the logical fulcrum of man's intelligence so far outside himself that he cannot judge or estimate the results of his acts before he commits them? The process of life as an experiment on
earth has never been made clearer. It is this danger? that man does not have time to talk to himself? that man does not have the means to talk to other men? The world hangs by a thread of verbs and nouns. Language and cultural-semantics are as explosive as nuclear energy. It is imperative that we (the world's artists) invent a new world language... "

S t a n V a n D e r B e e k

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