segunda-feira, 3 de março de 2008

moonwire disse:

there's basically 2 kinds of colour film. one is the colour negative film, which is the most common kind and the stuff you'll find at the drugstore. the other kind is colour reversal film (slide film), which produces a positive image. you might be too young for this, but i remember as a kid in school, we'd sometimes watch 'slides' and they were projected on a big white screen. anyways, you can often recognize slide film by the name 'chrome' at the end, such as ektachrome, elitechrome, agfachrome.

the chemistry used to develop your run-of-the-mill colour film is generally called C-41. the chemistry used to develop slide film is E-6. when you cross process, you deliberately develop the film in the wrong chemicals. the most common way of doing this is using slide film and having the lab put the roll through the C-41 chemicals. this produces interesting and often unpredictable effects, such as colour shifts or very saturated colours.

these ones were shot on slide film and i had them developed as if they were regular print film. there's absolutely no photoshop done on either of them:

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