domingo, 2 de dezembro de 2007

Dear Igor, dear Rodrigo,

The films selected and supported by the Pocket Films Festival have
gained international recognition for their innovative quality and
invention, reflected by the numerous sollicitations for Pocket Films
screening aournd the world.

Very recently, the Tokyo University of Fine Arts and Music contacted
the Forum des images in order to create a Pocket Films festival in
Japan. Even if the organizers of this event encountered many
difficulties, the project finally has a happy end : the 1st edition of

the Pocket Films Festival in Japan will takes place on december, 7-9th,

2007, on the Yokohama Shinko Campus, in presence of many personnalities

of Japanese new media and cinema scene. The media artist Masaki
is the director of this new event.

In the eyes of their organizers, the main chapter of this event is the
presentation of films screened during our festival, in order to offer
their audience the widest variety of approaches and inventivity of the
pocket filmmakers ». Your film has been chosen by them to be part of
this unique event.

For the first time in Japan, a panorama of mobile phone films and
films will be presented, in order to develop and promote this new tool
in the country of « Keitai ».

We invite you to consult the website of the Pocket Films Festival in
Japan for more informations :

for any questions, please recontact us !
With kindest regards,

Yves Gaillard and the Pocket Films team

Yves Gaillard
programmation internationale / international programmation

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